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What’s in The Room?

Spoken Dance Workshop

Collaborators Ardath Whynacht, Sarah Rozee and Lisa Phinney are exploring the relationship between dance and spoken word, and creating a road map for transdisciplinary creation.

Other Room Activities

Limits Are Optional

Limits are Optional is a happening; a one day, open-to-the-public creation leading to performance.  The night before, choreographers draw the names of dancers, musicians and other artists from a hat.  The groups will be given an item or an idea for inspiration to muse on overnight. The next day, creation will happen all day at outdoor venues and these outdoor creation locations will be open for the public to come and informally observe the process unfold.  That same evening, the collaborative multi-disciplinary creations will be performed in-theatre.     Read More

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                                                          What’s in The Room?                Limits Are Optional

The Room is a conceptual space where the focus is on giving the collaborators the opportunity to explore ideas and relationships without the pressure of producing a polished work. The Room recognizes that, before an exact path of creation is determined, a safe haven period is necessary, during which the collaborators get to know each other and learn how to speak the same creative language. It is a place in time where the foundation of the working relationship is learned and developed so that the work that follows has a strong base form which to build, allowing the work to begin from a place of strength and understanding. We often feel that this phase of a creative relationship is not protected because of time and money constraints. This can often have a negative effect on the potential of the collaborators to create together as a group in an effective and satisfying way. Because of this the full potential of creative ideas may not be fully realized in the time allotted to a creation. Certainly it is common to continue to work on ‘finished’ pieces after the premiere because many more ideas spring up after seeing the work on stage. However, what often happens is lack of funding, schedule problems and other practical issues get in the way and pieces can sometimes fall by the wayside, never reaching a satisfying completion. We sometimes even accept this level of ‘finished’ work and move on before the idea has been completely and successfully realized. We feel this happens because of practical limitations that require you to move onto the next idea in order to keep the momentum of a company going. The goal of The Room is attempt to provide a solution to this issue by ensuring that the necessary time is allowed to collaborators to reveal themselves and express themselves fully as artists and for the piece to evolve to its full potential.

The Room was co-founded in 2008 by Sarah Rozee and Lisa Phinney to broaden their creative experiences.